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PrivaZer secures your privacy by finding and deleting traces of your activity
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When you use your computer, you are constantly leaving traces of your activity. Most of the times, these evidences pose a serious threat to your privacy, as anyone having access to your computer could know what documents you have opened, what websites you regularly visit, etc.

Privazer offers to find and clean those traces for yours. In this respect, it covers practically every area of computer activity such as Internet browsing, downloaded cookies, communication by messengers, Windows history, indexing, downloads, etc. In addition, it can find the traces left in such various devices as hard disks, external storage drives, USB keys, iPods, MP3 players and network locations.

Its interface makes it easy to use, as it is in the form of a wizard, which will take you through the necessary steps. In this regard, there are various decisions you should take according to your necessities. The first decision concerns the type of scan you want to perform. At this point, you can choose among in-depth, Internet activities, old files, software use, changes in Registry and USB history scans. Additionally, you will be able to delete files or empty your system’s Recycle Bin securely as well as schedule scans. In case you decide to perform an in-depth scan, you should also select the device to inspect. After this, you should specify the areas and proceed to scan. When the results are ready, you will be able to visualize them. Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose to clean only specific items.

All in all, PrivaZer seems to be a robust application capable of performing really deep scans to find what other cleaners leave behind. Since in-depth scans take a long time, I recommend performing them only once in a while. This application also checks and notifies the availability of newer versions.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It performs really deep scans
  • It covers multiple areas of computer activity


  • It does not allow to clean only selected items from the results
  • The interface is quite plain
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