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PrivaZer is an efficient tool for increasing the performance of your PC
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PrivaZer was especially created to help you keep your computer clean of Internet activity traces and useless data. It is a multi-purpose tool that scans your hard drive in order to erase various traces of activity (Internet Browsing, applications usage, registry entries, etc.), and can also be used to prevent the recovery of deleted old files.

In my opinion, PrivaZer is mainly useful for those users that don’t own much PC knowledge. Its graphical user-interface consists of various wizards that will guide you through the necessary steps for scanning and removing files.

Besides your hard drive, this program is also able to scan other storage devices such as USB drives, flash memory sticks, external disks, etc. Also, you can use this tool to remove browsing history from all the popular browsers, as well as other applications (media players, various editors, etc.)

By accessing the program options, you are offered the opportunity to schedule cleanups that will take place when you don’t use your computer. Also, you can disable system hibernation and indexing service in order to free up disk space and memory.

PrivaZer is a professional tool that delivers the expected results. Unlike other programs that only claim to protect your computer and privacy but do not fulfill their purpose, PrivaZer does its job efficiently.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • Fast scanning process
  • Its graphical user-interface looks nice
  • Includes many tools
  • It offers many scanning options


  • It has no disadvantages
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